Environment at School:Keep it Clean!!

February 17th, 2009 by numtan



It is very important to keep our school clean and beautiful.  Grade 1/3 has been learning about ways to save energy and keep our school clean.  There are three ways of keep our school environment clean.  They have been classified as the 3 R’s.  Through these practices, our school environment can be safer, healthier, and cleaner for us all.

            Reduce is the first way to a cleaner school environment.  We can reduce our water usage by taking short showers.  We can reduce our power usage by turning off the air and by using a fan when possible.  Remember to put the `computer on “hibernate” or “standby” when not in use. 

            Reuse is the second way to a cleaner environment.  We can reuse paper by using both sides of the paper.  Bring any food to school in a reusable container.  And use rechargeable batteries when ever possible.

            Recycle is the last way and should be used after exhausting the first two options.  Recycle paper, as it is often thrown away at school.  Buy recycled paper at the store when available.  Bottles, cans, and bags can all be recycled at various locations in our community.  Finally, deposit all unwanted rubbish in the bin.

            By following the 3 R’s, we can keep the school clean for everyone.  The next time you want to make a trip to the bin at school, don’t forget to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.                                        

-T. James, Grade 1/3-

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